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In the field of estate planning, there are many different jobs that need to be done. Some of the tasks can be taken care of through simple documents like wills or trusts while others require a more hands-on approach by an Estate planning lawyer in Atlanta. One such task is drafting prenuptial agreements and/or postnuptial agreements. In this article, you will learn the importance of hiring Atlanta Estate Planning Lawyer.

Who is an Atlanta Estate Planning Lawyer?

A real estate lawyer is a professional who acts as an adviser in all legal matters pertaining to real estate. Besides being knowledgeable in all types of real estate transactions, they are also skilled at drafting documents, disputes, contracts and other matters related to the field. Estates can be personal and real or both. An individual’s own personal estate may include their home, car and personal property like jewelry or clothing.

Roles of Atlanta Estate Planning Lawyer

  1. Legal advisor

An estate planner is an expert in preparing and reviewing wills, powers of attorney and trusts. They can plan for your assets and devise the best ways for them to be passed down to your children in a safe manner, both during life and after death. He or she will also secure your assets by handling them during your lifetime and after you pass away.

  1. Representative

An estate planner may also act as a representative and do the job of an executor for you should your state’s laws require one. Under that scenario, the person who does this job is called an executor. In most states, there are laws that make it mandatory to name an executor or some other person to handle assets in case of death. It is the job of an executor to see that all your assets are passed down according to your will and testament.

iii. Document preparer

Estate planners often do the job of preparing documents like wills, trusts and other legal documents associated with estates and property. Other than that, they handle cases that might require litigation in court. If you need a lawyer for your estate planning, it is best to hire someone who is well versed in estate law.

Hiring the Best Estate Planning Lawyer

The best Atlanta Estate Planning Lawyer Service is the one that makes you feel comfortable and provides you with excellent service. You also want to know that you are getting an honest and hardworking lawyer who will treat your case with absolute confidentiality. A trustworthy attorney is also essential in estate planning. An Estate Planning Attorney should be able to tell you if a prenuptial agreement is necessary and if a power of attorney will do the job.

The best Estate Planning Lawyer Service provides the legal help you need to protect your assets. The Estate Planning Lawyer is one of those lawyers who will take care of all the legal matters involved in your life and estate planning. Just like any other lawyer, they are also required by law to keep confidential information about you and your case.