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If you are divorced and have children and want to get full custody, the first thing you need to know is that it’s not easy. Full custody and support for any children is a hard, often long process and one where both parents will be fighting for what they think is best for their kids. I this article, you will learn on how to get full custody in Missouri.

What is Full Custody in Missouri?

In Missouri, the court orders that both parents get custody of the children is called a “50/50 schedule”. This means that one parent gets 50% of the time with their child and another parent gets 50% of the time with their child. However, in some cases, even if you are going for full custody in Missouri, you may end up being on a different timetable than your ex-spouse.

Let’s say you and your ex-spouse have a shared custody schedule of the children. However, you believe your ex-spouse is abusing the kids. You can go to the court and ask for full custody in Missouri if you think it’s in the best interest of the children. This means that you don’t have to abide by the 50/50 schedule.

Tips on Getting Full Custody in Missouri

How do you get full custody of the children? Follow the tips below:

  • Get a lawyer.

This is a crucial step. You will need an attorney because it’s hard to know what to do and what not to do when trying to get full custody of the children. A lawyer will be able to walk you through everything and help you make good decisions as well as take your case through court for you. Don’t be afraid of getting a lawyer either; in most states, lawyers are free or cheap.

  • Take care of the children while they’re young.

When you take the children to their doctor’s appointments, or go to school events, your ex-spouse will want to be there with you. Get there earlier so that you get the chance to see your kids before your ex-spouse does. You’ll be able to bond with them and show them that you’re responsible parent; this will help tremendously when it comes time for court custody orders.

  • Have good character and values in front of the judge

When the divorce court starts to hear your case, it’ll take a look at both parents’ backgrounds. If you’ve been in trouble with the law before and have gotten in trouble with drugs or alcohol, the judge will take that into consideration as well. Make sure to set a good character and be someone that’s easy to get along with. The judge will be looking at you two to see if you’re a good match.

  • Have an open and honest relationship with your children

It can be hard to have an open and honest relationship with your ex-spouse while they’re at the house, but it’s important. If your children can see both of you having a long-lasting relationship, then they’ll grow up knowing both of their parents are there for them no matter what. This can help significantly when it comes time for court custody orders in Missouri.

Getting full custody of the children in a divorce becomes a long process, but the rewards are many. When both parents are willing to work together with the kids to get joint custody, it’s possible and even rewarding. However, you must be serious when applying for full custody and prepare yourself for a long battle. The benefits of getting custody go far beyond; it’s easier on you mentally and financially as well.