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Here lies all the information you need to know about what is a DWI in Missouri. The articles include defining, giving samples, and guiding the readers to understand and learn about the case. Ultimately this aims to help readers in their different situations.

What is DWI Missouri

It is consistently highlighted that drivers should never attempt to drive while drunk as it is dangerous to the driver, the passenger, and other drivers. Hence, in Missouri, it was announced publicly that when a person is driving while intoxicated, they may face potential criminal penalties or revocation of license.

When a person is confirmed to have DWI, the police will accompany them to undergo drug testing, blood alcohol level, and the like. The penalties may vary depending on the condition and action of the driver. For instance, when a driver commits a DWI offense for the first time, they will face about 48 hours in jail and 5 days BAC. So far, the longest jail sentence for a DWI case is 6 months and up to $500 cost of fine.

In other words, it is genuinely a challenging fate. You’ll need to call your own attorney or hire a good DWI Missouri lawyer to represent you and analyze your case. But ultimately, all the process is inevitable and acceptable because DWI laws and regulations have helped lessen the accidents that are related to alcohol in Missouri.

To Whom is DWI Missouri Post for?

  • The ones who committed the act (DWI).
  • The ones who have been involved in an accident related to DWI.
  • The ones who want to know more about DWI cases.

DWI Missouri Example Scenario

Mr. Glimpson is a first-time, record-free defendant. Ms. Alison is a repeat offender who’d been guilty of driving under the influence a year ago.

In this situation, Glimpson was heading home after celebrating the holiday with cocktails with a colleague. He only had consumed two beers, yet because he was not an especially big fellow and hadn’t really dined recently, the impact was evident. Still certain that two drinks just wouldn’t render him incapacitated, he bid his companion farewell and went home. His mobile phone dropped out of his wallet and underneath the chair on the ride home. His vehicle hopped the curb and collided with a hydrant as he stared down to determine where the object had landed.

Luckily, Glimpson was moving at a modest pace and was able to get away out from the collision. A law enforcement officer arrived as he exited his vehicle to assess the damage. The officer administered field sobriety assessments on Glimpson, having him repeat the letters, and balance solely on a single leg. The officer shone a light into Glimpson’s irises, causing him to look right and back, and observed that his eye lids were bloodshot and moist. And although Glimpson cleared the alcohol test, the officer arrested him and transported him to the precinct for a blood sample as he had struck a tree while his eyes appeared bloodshot and moist. In conclusion, both DWI charges are resolved by a plea deal, as occurs in most criminal proceedings.

Where to Find Other Information About DWI Missouri

Safe driving is essential, but knowing some information is an added protection. In case you got involved or got into an accident related to DWI cases, please don’t hesitate to contact the Missouri Department of Revenue. They will provide all the necessary information that you need to get through the process. You can also ask them for a DWI lawyer.